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big black tits cleavage showing
Black, White, or Yellow?

Okay big tit lovers, you know what time it is. Show 'em' time. The temperature's rising and the outer clothes are fallin'. In celebration, I bring you this update. Setting things off we have a young, chocolate honey in a tight, cleavage revealing white top which can barely hold her enormous juggs. Her huge tits heave and bounce with each step she takes. Damn. Next up ... a blonde amazon chick with huge ones. She could easily hang with the sistas. And what's up with her smelling on that bag? Next ... a black bbw with giant juggs squeezed into a tight, yellow taxi colored top. So suckable. Next up ... a cute, petite sexy mom sporting a pair of juicy lady bumps. She wears them well. And last but certainly not least, an older woman who's looking to keep it sexy. She might be in her 50's but her style and cleavage are shouting 21.

More pics here.

blonde amazon with big breasts
tight shirt black bbw with humongous boobs
sexy lady bumps
mature with nice chest showing
giant black boobs in the street
Mature white stick figure with giant pointy tits gets me ROCK HARD!!!

Don't know if it has ever happened before but there's a first time for everything. This weeks cover pic goes to a white chick. That's right, a white chick. An older white chick. Usually, it's the sisters with their humongous, watermelon sized tits who grab the top spot but not this update my tit lovers. This sexy, older, red haired, skinny thing has some big 'ole torpedo sized titties which could take your eye out. Everything about this woman is sexy but in a good, nasty way. Her walk, her bounce, her short hair. Just watch her clip and you'll understand. My mind run's wild with ideas :-)

slim with big tits
low hanging breasts in tight shirt
big full boobs in pretty dress
big chest on skinny girl in tank tank
giant black boobs in the street
Do YOU see what I see?

Both of these honey's are seriously SWOLLEN. Big mama has them 'titties below the elbows' thing going on with what looks to be really big nipples! Her clip covers all your favorite breastwatching angles like close-up, very close-up, distance, and profile footage. The honey in the second clip is very swollen as well. So swollen it kinda makes you want to laugh. Look how top heavy she is compared to her lower body! And those melons are sitting up high and round as can be. The sight of really big tits never ceases to amaze me. Now JOIN THE SITE MAN!

slim with big tits
low hanging breasts in tight shirt
big full boobs in pretty dress
big chest on skinny girl in tank tank

showing lots of cleavage
melon sized boob
big fat tits in tight top showing cleavage

Spring, Spring, where art thou?

Ah, spring ... warm weather around the corner ... farewell winter coats ... hello spring wear ... tight tops ... tight jeans ... girls with big tits flaunting 'em ... girls with big tits who don't realize they're flaunting 'em ... talk of seeing the biggest chest ever ... talk of seeing the longest cleavage line ever ... talk of seeing your huge chested next door neighbor putting out the trash with no bra underneath her house dress ... talk of seeing your brother's new wife with the eraser sized nipples at the family picnic ... taking a full hour lunch outside and breastwatching ... taking your time at the mall and breastwatching ... repeatedly saying to yourself how they're getting bigger at such a young age ... repeatedly saying to yourself how an older woman with enormous udders turns you on ... thinking you were over big tits but then realizing you're not at the first huge tit sighting of spring.

curvy with big  titstorpedo tits
short girl with glasses and huge chest
large droopy boobsfirm sweater meat

There's this lady at my job with big ass titties!!!

This update is dedicated to all those women out there who make going into a boring job ... fun :-)

Do you dread waking up early in the a.m. to then sit through an hour commute surrounded by snobs and slobs only to arrive at work and be hounded by an obnoxious, stink breath boss? Do you wish that one day you discover that the new hire in human resources is packing some huge sweater meat? I'm talking workplace wobblers, water cooler droolers with eraser sized nipples. You sit near the copy machine room and a slight head turn away from your monitor affords you full view of any activity in the room as well as who is coming and going. You learn the new HR hire with the H size bra has a project which will keep her working in the copy room for at least the next two months. TWO MONTHS? Yesssssssssssssssssssssss. You are now waking up extra early without the need for an alarm clock and singing like a pretty bird in the shower. You even give up your seat on the over crowded rush hour express train and understand when someone acceidentaly steps on your foot when the train makes a sudden surge. You now make small talk with your boss asking about his man-looking wife and kids. Miss HR has to work thorugh lunch? No way!! You also have to work through lunch. Miss HR is taking an early lunch? No way!! You are also taking an early lunch. Miss HR is heading to the sandwich shop across the street? No way!! You're heading to the sandwich shop across the street. Get my drift ;)

So, to all those working women with giant tits, thank you for what you do.

giant black boobs in the street
Enjoy the MIND BLOWING Huge tits on this Black Queen!!!

Seriously, this is one of those sightings where I let the pictures do the talking. And what are the pictures saying? DAMMMN!, WOW!, OMG!, GTFOOH!, STFU!, SMH!, NO WAY!, HUUUUUUUUGE!, MONSTROUS!, GIGANTIC!, TITTAAYS! Hear it? :-)

slim with big tits
low hanging breasts in tight shirt
big full boobs in pretty dress
big chest on skinny girl in tank tank

huge tits wobbling stretched out bra
giant black tits in torpedo bra
extra big large chested bobs covering torso

Get this poor woman a new bra ... not :-)

What was this big titter thinking? I'm not sure myself but I agree with her 100% :) Look at her outfit and then look at her giant floppy boobs. Wow! She has to be totally oblivious to the attention she is bringing on herself. Take a look at that enormous left tittay. Is that amazing or what? Check out the clip. Her loose fitting, stretched out bra is no match for those giant wobblers.

I'm bringing out the BIG GUNS!!!!!

For a woman with gigantic tits this queen has great posture. Watch as she struts her stuff with shoulders back and head held high. This is a proud mama with a powerful set of bazookas ready to battle all flat chested opponents. Give me a call if you're looking for an unbiased referee hun ;-)

Short, dark, and HUGE chested. Lessssss go!
Barely reaching five feet, this honey has the big tits and big ass we love. There are two parts to this sighting. Part 1 shows her maneuvering that sexy body through the busy streets. Part 2 is my favorite and has us looking up at her huge chest from below as she plows ahead. Walk it out girl!
giant black boobs in the street
You can get with THESE tits or you can get with THOSE tits

... the choice is yourrrrrrrrrrrs. Engine, Engine number nine. On the big boob transit line. If her bra can't hold her rack. Pick 'em up, pick 'em up, pick 'em up ...

slim with big tits
low hanging breasts in tight shirt
big full boobs in pretty dress
big chest on skinny girl in tank tank
huge tits and nipples
Beautiful Girl,
Beautiful BIG TITS,

Wow, this girl is awesome. Big, beautiful tits, carmel complexion, and long flowing hair. An all-around natural beauty. And she's giving us a great free big tits show in that red tank top. What's with the big nipples poking through?

""Warning"" Staring too long at the picture to the left will hypnotize you turning you into a slave to big titties forcing you to become a member of this site. If you're already a member, well, my friend, you are already hypnotized :-)

big candid tits
big nipples in tank top
huge boobs crossing street
giant tits in public
LOOK at Her
Shoulder Boulders :-)

Man, these are HUGE tits, just like we love them. And, she's filling that XXL t-shirt like it's an extra-small. At one point her nipples begin to poke through and they look big, thick, and fat. Watch as she sashays her way through the crowded streets without a care in the world unaware that her massive, gigantic, enormous breasts will be bringing tears to the eyes of huge candid boob lovers around the world. Sniff, sniff.


huge tits poking out from sie
woman with enormous breasts walking
big tits from side
huge chest woman outdoors
big tits walking
Big Tits Walking

In this update ... a black goddess on earth with massive watermelon sized tits walking the streets with headphones communicating with planet giant breast ... a big boobed mama in the market filling her yellow sleeveless top with giant round tits ... a pretty black girl with big breasts that are wobbling and fighting to be set free from her tight brown top ... a giant chested black girl in an elevator with giant nipples sticking out of her top. Elevators get me horny too babe ... and last but certainly not least ... a classic torpedo shaped pair on a mature mom. Fire away ...


huge chest in market
wobbling big tits
big nipples poking through
torpedo sized tits
melon sized tits tight shirt
Skinny + BIG Tits = Orgasm!

A few years ago, I had a girlfriend that very much resembled the honey in this update. Pretty, slim, athletic with big, big tits. Athletic, not because she played sports, but because she was a friggin' beast in bed. She hopped in and out of positions with ease and had never ending energy, stamina, and determination. One minute she had her legs wrapped around my head and before I knew it I'm hitting that ass from behind. Yes, she LOVED anal. I was her baton and she was twirling my shit around. I could take her best without exploding ... almost. I would beg her not to do it but when she wanted to "end" me all she had to do was get on top and ride me like a pony. Once I saw her huge titties (and HUGEEEEE nipples) bouncing around like drunken boobleheads I would explode. So, there you have it. Skinny + big tits = orgasm.


slim girl with big tits in street
big tits walking
skinny with big tits
top heavy slim girl


...and you get EVEN More Huge Tits

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